A wide variety of projects submitted to the 1st Call for proposals

The 1st Call for proposals of the ‘Culture at Work Africa – Promoting the Public Value of Culture for Social Cohesion and Urban Development’ project closed on 21 September 2018, with a total of 253 applications received from 15 African countries: 44 proposals from Benin, 26 from Kenya, 23 from Democratic Republic of Congo, 22 from Burkina Faso, 20 from Cameroun, 19 from Senegal, 15 from Nigeria, 14 from Côte d’Ivoire, 12 from Uganda, 12 from Zimbabwe, 12 from Mali, 11 from Togo, 7 from Niger, 6 from Tanzania and 3 from Rwanda.

The project proposals address a wide variety of themes related to culture thus testifying to the diversity and richness of cultural expressions in Africa. Some of the main themes include intercultural dialogue, transfer of traditional knowledge and traditional cultural practices, as well as social inclusion of children, young people and women through artistic activities such as theatre, music, visual arts, cinema, etc. Moreover, projects submitted under Lot 2 seek to strengthen the professional capacities of artists and cultural professionals in networking, cultural mediation and intercultural dialogue. Finally, regional cooperation is an important dimension of a number of proposals; over 80 applicants foresee to carry out their activities in more than one African country.

The evaluation process is now taking place and the results are expected to be announced by the beginning of November. Stakeholders who have not been able to submit an application, are invited to follow the information on our website and social media: Culture at Work Africa will launch a second Call for proposals in December 2018.

Photo credits: by Kamryn Hinojos on Unsplash.