Fem-créart – Femmes en création

Main applicant: Association Kadam-Kadam
Partners: Association Noudjiou “L’INEDIT” and Association Cote Cour
Implementation: Benin, Togo, and Mali
Project duration: August 2019 – August 2020
Project code: 02-02039

FEMMES EN CRÉATION is an opportunity for women to express themselves through theatre and to become professionals. This project is a platform for training, research, creation and promotion of dramatic art addressed to women due to their absence in the sector. This project has three stages: 1) A training workshops on writing and acting for 9 actresses in Togo and a training workshop on scenography theatre and body painting for the 6 plastic artists in Mali; 2) Creation of two theatre plays about women and society and the rights of the marginalized groups in Benin with the 15 beneficiaries of the training. 3) A theatre performance tour, the publication of the theatre scripts and the promotion of the beneficiaries’ participation in new creations.

This project is led by Association Kadam-Kadam in partnership with Association Noudjiou “L’INEDIT” and Association Cote Cour. Kadam-Kadam is active in the artistic and cultural, social and educational fields. It’s aim is to strengthen the professional capacity of women and their role in their community through their participation in encounters and exchanges and the promotion and dissemination of their  artistic works.