PenPen Africa

Main applicant: African Writers Development Trust
Partners: Writers Guild Kenya
Implementation: Nigeria and Kenya
Project duration: July 2019 – June 2020
Project code: 02-02002

PenPen Africa is a writers’ residency project that will feature twelve selected writers from across Africa. Selected writers from different African countries will be hosted under one same roof for an extended period of time in form of a residency programme and subsequently they will be immersed in the various cultures of the host nation. The project aims to create a writers’ reality show that exposes African writers to new cultures and encourages local literature, while providing transnational exposure and acclaim. The idea is to connect writers from different backgrounds to improve social cohesion between the writing communities of Africa.

This project is led by African Writer Development Trust, an artistic, cultural and educative non-profit organisation set up to promotes reading culture, encourage cross-cultural learning, sharing of creative ideas, mentoring, capacity building among writers irrespective of their economic, religious, cultural, tribal, national, political or philosophical orientation in partnership with Writers Guild Kenya, whose aim is to works mostly with writers in order to improve their skills and create networking opportunities as well as publishing.