Pourquoi pas moi? Plaidoyer en faveur des droits a la culture inclusif des enfants et jeunes ayant un handicap surtout metal et sensoriel

Main applicant: Renaitre Grands-Lacs/ HAFENIS (Handicapés, Femmes et Enfants en Initiatives de Survie)
Partners: Kaami Arts
Implementation: Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda
Project duration: July 2019 – December 2020
Project code: 02-01109

“Pourquoi pas moi?” will strengthen the fundamental human rights of the people with a disability by promoting the talent of 30 children and young people with mental and sensory disabilities. The project aims to facilitate the access and show the benefits of cultural and artistic activities through training guided by experts in the field of inclusive culture. A strong and massive advocacy in the community, including the local and international partners, educational institutions, parents and local authorities, for the cultural and artistic inclusion of children and young people living with disabilities will be provided.

As part of the activities, there will be public presentations of the artworks done by the beneficiaries such as theatre and dance performances or exhibitions as well as study visits, exchange of experiences between the artists from both countries and a networking event.

This project is led by Renaitre Grands-Lacs/ HAFENIS, an association from RDC whose main aim is promoting the rights and active participation of vulnerable people through the strengthening of survival mechanisms and qualitative care for their psychosocial, moral, professional and economic reintegration; in partnership with KAAMI ARTS, based in Rwanda. They develop arts while using it for the wellbeing of children through training, creation, production, performance, debates and discussions and other artistic activities.