Two calls for proposals to support approximately 50 projects in 15 African countries.

Sub-grantees’ co-production of cultural materials, artworks and events at local and cross-border level to improve intercultural dialogue, understanding and social inclusion of disadvantaged groups for sustainable development.

4 seminars for stakeholders, including mayors, 4 exchange/study visits, peer learning, continuous coaching of sub-grantees (at least 10 workshops) to enhance intercultural and co-creation capacities for social inclusion projects aimed at disadvantaged groups, and better integrate cultural policies and initiatives in (urban) development strategies.

A web platform, 2 networking events in target countries, dissemination towards new potential participants.

Communication and awareness rising campaign through Internet, radio, TV and social media.

1 video, 1 exhibition and 1 international conference in Africa.

1 exhibition and 1 international conference in Europe.

A final publication to showcase, evidence and disseminate innovative projects and practices developed within the action.

Please see also presentation, expected results, objectives and beneficiaries.

Photo credits: Singer Edith weUtonga @ Culture Fund