Capacity building

A set of four seminars, four exchange/study visits and at least ten training workshops will be offered to sub-grantees and other stakeholders that, though belonging to target groups, do not receive financial support.

The seminars will address different topics such as: the role of culture and intercultural dialogue for sustainable human development; participative methodologies for intercultural dialogue in cities for local authorities; building bridges through programmes and projects for youth and marginalized population; and multi-stakeholder networking and cooperation at national and international level to support cultural policies that foster intercultural dialogue and peaceful inter-community relations in Africa.

During the exchange/study visits, sub-grantees will have the possibility of visiting institutions, organizations, infrastructures that have expertise and represent good practice in the development of projects for intercultural dialogue to see how they work, to exchange experiences, knowledge, and challenges.

The trainings will be tailored to sub-grantees’ specific needs and constraints. They will include an initial training on technical and financial project management and reporting, hence reinforcing capacities of all sub-grantees to develop projects based on EU funding rules, useful for them in the future. Moreover, 8 additional trainings will be offered in two separate events, both of which will include a public presentation to share knowledge and results with a wider local public.

Please see also mobility, networking, communication campaign, conferences, exhibitions and publication.

Photo credits: @International Music Council: AMDP Programme