Two networking events addressed to sub-grantees, the first one in Burkina Faso and the second one in Zimbabwe, will allow sub-grantees to interact with relevant stakeholders invited to the event (regional organisations, national and local authorities, local and international NGOs, development agencies, federations of local authorities, artist unions, etc.), with networking purposes. It will also be an occasion to have a kick-off meeting and introduction among sub-grantees to present their projects, share information and contacts, and, eventually, find synergies between the projects.

The seminars and capacity building activities will serve also to foster the networking among the representatives of the sub-granted projects. And an interactive platform where the sub-granted projects will share their activities, documents and experiences will contribute to build a networking culture among them.

Please see also mobility, capacity building, communication campaign, conferences, exhibitions and publication.

Photo credits: visitors in Interarts stand at EDD2018. Interarts