FAQs / Other

Grants requested under this call must be submitted according to the following minimum and maximum amounts per lot:

Lot 1: minimum 20.000,00 EUR and maximum 45.000,00 EUR
Lot 2: minimum 30.000,00 EUR and maximum 60.000,00 EUR
The indicative amount available for the 2 lots is 900,000.00 EURO

Also for both lots, the lead applicant and the co-applicant(s) must be an organisation legally registered in one of the 15 eligible countries and active in the cultural, education and cultural mediation sectors.

The Legal representative of the organization is the person empowered to act as an authorized representative of the organization/association/company.

“Spaces of proximity”, where different groups in need of information, empowerment and identity can gather and  be involved in cultural activities that foster mutual understanding and relationships with a sustainable impact. Indeed, these spaces can effectively foster social cohesion and, therefore, improving, strengthening and recovering such spaces is critical especially in the urban, peri-urban and rural areas affected by a high prevalence of migration, both transnational and rural, which becomes settings for isolation, identity loss, social tensions and extremist influences. Conventional cultural spaces (e.g. museums, theatres, libraries, cinemas, youth and women local centres, bars, and informal cultural spaces, etc.) and innovative cultural spaces (e.g. regenerated factories, public spaces and community gardens).