Interarts is a private agency with international projection that contributes to human development through culture, supports the design of cultural policies, promotes knowledge and information in the field of culture, advocates for the role of culture in public governance and networks at European and international levels.

The Arterial Network

The Arterial Network is a dynamic network of artists, cultural activists, NGOs, institutions and enterprises engaged in the creative sector across Africa. It mission is to create civil society networks of cultural role players and empower their work for the cultural dimension of development.


The Centre for Fine Arts – BOZAR is a multidisciplinary arts centre where artistic programmes involving different disciplines are been developed. It is a driving force behind initiatives to tighten the cultural ties between Belgium, the member states of the European Union, the European institutions and various partners throughout the world


Culture et Développement is a non-governmental organisation that contributes to international reflection on cultural development and the economy of culture while carrying out on-the-ground actions to support cultural practices and strengthen cultural and artistic enterprises in southern countries.


The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust is a non-profit organization that helps build creative capacities through investing resources in actions that enable mainstreaming of innovative solutions into sustainable development interventions: women and youth empowerment interventions, enhancing of community livelihoods capacities and fostering of citizen rights awareness.


The International Music Council – IMC is a non-governmental organization with the official status of official partner of UNESCO. Its mission is to develop sustainable music sectors worldwide, to create awareness about the value of music, to make music matter throughout the fabric of society and to uphold basic music rights in all countries.

Associate members

African Centre for Cities and the School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics at the University of Cape Town is a university-wide resource and network where scholars with multiple perspectives and projects are encouraged to meet, mix, share their research, base their urban research projects, and contribute to vital teaching.

The Economic Community of West African States – ECOWAS is a regional economic union of fifteen countries located in West Africa that aims to achieve “collective self-sufficiency” for its member states by creating a single large trade bloc by building a full economic and trading union kamagra online.

The Centre for Linguistic and Historical Studies through Oral Tradition – CELHTO promotes African cultures and supports the effective coordination of the African Union Members States activities in the field of culture, innovative cultural development programmes and networking and co-ordination with Universities and research Institutions.