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By virtue of the Grant Contract – External Action of the European Union – n. CRIS / HUM 2017 / 394-440, Culture at Work Africa – Promoting the Public Value of Culture for Social Cohesion and Urban Development in Africa, hereinafter referred to as Culture at Work Africa, is a project co-funded by the European Union, designed and managed under the responsibility of the Interarts Foundation for International Cultural Cooperation, hereinafter referred to as Interarts, with headquarters in Spain, carrer Mallorca 272, 9ª, 08037 Barcelona.

Culture at Work Africa is designed to improve dialogue and mutual understanding between different, including disadvantaged, groups in urban and peri-urban areas, through culture and cultural activities, with the ultimate goal of contributing to social inclusion and sustainable human development. The main focus of the action is on supporting the development of safe spaces and capacities to foster intercultural dialogue and relations between different groups of society. The action will target fifteen countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

The action has the following objectives:

Overall objective/Impact: To promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity in urban and peri-urban areas to enhance social inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups and contribute to sustainable human development in Africa.

Specific objectives/Outcomes: 1. To support multi-stakeholder local and regional cooperation projects that are based on and promote intercultural dialogue, diverse cultural expressions, access to culture and the role of cultural and public spaces for social inclusion, notably of disadvantaged groups. 2. To build and improve, sustainably, local actors’ and stakeholders’ skills and capacities to manage and foster intercultural dialogue, promote a culture of peace mainly in urban areas and to manage diversity for local development. 3. To promote citizenship and intercommunity relations on intercultural dialogue through a platform for dissemination, advocacy, awareness raising, exchanges, peer learning, knowledge sharing and regional networking.

The expected outcomes will be reached by:

  1. Supporting projects designed and implemented by African organizations (e.g. cultural institutions (both public and private), local authorities, artists and cultural operators, networks, urban planners and activists, schools, CSOs/associations/networks/ groups representing ethnic minorities, refugees and/or migrants) from the 15 target countries and continuous mentoring and coaching of the beneficiaries.
  2. Promoting networking and cooperation between different stakeholders, namely the action’s target groups (see section i. below) which also include national and local (urban and rural) authorities such as Ministries, National Arts Councils, City and Rural District Councils, with the aim of developing sustainable projects, methodologies, partnerships, policies for intercultural dialogue in cultural and public spaces. To achieve this, the action will make use of the consortium members’ and the associates’ networks and connections.
  3. Training and capacity-building of, among others, cultural and creative operators, public authorities and cultural mediators, in different subject matters, such as project management, cultural disciplines (to foster skills development), intercultural mediation, promotion of intercultural dialogue and understanding between different groups through multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder projects, cultural and public space development, etc.
  4. Creation of a virtual space for networking of stakeholders, knowledge-sharing and awareness-raising at regional and international levels.


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