4. Contract and modalities of payment

The contracting party will sign a contract with the grant beneficiary that will include information of the activities to be carried out, the contract value, the modalities of payment and reporting.

Payment modalities[1]:

Grants will be paid in 2 instalments:

  • a first instalment, 60% of the grant, upon signature of the contract (pre-financing);
  • a second instalment, 27% of the grant, at end of the project and upon presentation, and approval, of the reports (balance).

The Culture at Work Africa consortium will directly manage 13% of the grant. This percentage will be fully destined towards mobility and capacity building activities, networking events and trainings across Africa and/or other countries, to be attended by minimum two representatives of the beneficiary throughout the project implementation.

[1] This information is to be considered indicative; the payment conditions will be further specified in the contract with the beneficiaries of the projects.